It's the reason the church exists; to lead people to Jesus and teach others to do the same. As we journey life shoulder to shoulder, we are growing and learning how to be like Jesus each day.

A road winding through a dense forest is lit by a bright ray of sun shining on the road.

How to Study the Bible

Join Ethan as we learn to study the Bible using a simple but effective approach. We'll cover six steps to draw meaning from God's Word and apply biblical principles to our everyday lives.

Open Series

The Names of God

Join us as we explore the character of God through His names, as revealed through the scriptures. Across five sessions, we'll look at ten names God has been called as we discover the characteristics of our Creator through His biblical names.

Open Series

The Pursuit

The Pursuit is an introduction to the Christian faith over twelve video sessions. Created by pursueGOD.org, this formative series dives into the core beliefs of Christianity and the facts about God, Jesus and the Bible.

Open Series